What should be done to make the eyebrows healed well and stay with me longer?  Frequently Asked Question.


Answer: NOTHING.

At all?


We DO NOT touch the crusts, DO NOT wet, DO NOT smear anything, DO NOT steam, DO NOT tan.


All this ⇧ you can do only after the crusts come off.


How to understand crusts came off?  You cannot fail to notice this 😃 ⠀


The pigment under the place where the crust was located will be 40/50/60% lighter than the one that you will get used to during healing time.


But in no case do not rush to get scared - everything goes according to plan 😊


It’s just that your skin, whose function is to protect your body and remove all foreign matter from the body, will begin to actively recover after the first procedure, push out part of the pigment and at the same time renew itself, become denser and therefore the remaining pigment will not be so clear through.


Wait 3 weeks and you can enjoy your improved eyebrows again 😊


And if after that you want an even darker tone or a little adjust the shape - for this the correction procedure is provided.


These are simple recommendations that remind you that sometimes the best thing you can do is just do nothing but be patient 😄


Wish You a beautiful eyebrows and easy healing 😊❤