Laser permanent makeup removal


Non-laser solutions

These procedures are performed by a trained permanent makeup artist and there are many variations of this same treatment. Removal can be achieved by opening the skin – in a way much like the original procedure – using a tattoo or a permanent makeup machine. 

A bonding agent is then applied to the open skin, which then draws the ink to the skin’s surface. Bonding agents can be anything from salt or glycolic acid, to any number of branded products readily available.

Laser permanent makeup removal

Laser resurfacing is the most popular procedure for permanent makeup removal. A laser emits a highly focused beam of light that passes harmlessly through the outer layer of the dermis. This light is then absorbed primarily by the pigment of permanent makeup, and quickly converts to heat. As the heat increases, the pigment breaks into tiny particles that are then eliminated by the body. Here at JLin Permanent Makeup Studio we use the Q-Switched (Nd): YAG, which is commonly considered to be the most effective laser in permanent makeup removal. While other lasers may pose a larger risk of scarring, the Q-Switched laser is able to spare the skin while at the same time destroying the pigment.

Master Jevgenija  have the advanced technologies and expertise necessary to successfully remove your permanent makeup. Please call our Studio today and schedule your complimentary consultation, to find out how we can remove your permanent makeup and help you achieve the look you desire.